Rubylux - The World Goes Quiet (Single Review)

Brighton four-piece Rubylux release their new single ‘The World Goes Quiet’ on May 12th, from the forthcoming album of the same name. Unfortunately, to say I simply don’t like this song just doesn’t cut it. There is something wholly offensive about this song by Rubylux and, quite frankly, the band themselves. In this age of musically and aesthetically exciting new acts, such as Azealia Banks or Bat for Lashes, there seems to be a general weariness towards the traditional four-white-boys-with-guitars band. And rightly so, as too many of these bands churn out dreary lifeless formulaic music that they then label as “an anthemic mix of rock and pop”. It’s really not good enough and I’m not having it. A band like Rubylux seem obsolete in the musical landscape when competing with fresh innovative bands like Alt-J and Django Django. Even if you were to argue that not all bands need to be original per se, such as recently-seen-on-Jools Holland band The Strypes, at least The Strypes have a unique flair and a strong sensibility of who they are. Rubylux look like they have been dragged to their video shoot via Topshop.

I tried my best to search for something about Rubylux that I could relate to, and even find attractive. But alas, nothing was to be found. The chorus of ‘The World Goes Quiet’ is obviously written for no other reason than to be ‘catchy’, by simply moving into a brighter major chord. The lyrics are borderline monosyllabic and come across vague and meaningless, for example “When will you begin to see the troubles that you’re in, I know you can”. What? What are you on about? The 90s are over mate, turn on the radio and move on. Other lyrics such as “Crimson Skies” sound like a bad Steven Segal movie you’d catch on Channel 5 on a Sunday. The most interesting thing about Rubylux is their ‘guerrilla gigging’, as reported by The Guardian in 2010, until they admit the idea came to them as they were ‘struggling to build a fanbase in the normal fashion’. Hmmm, maybe try writing better songs. It’s cruel to slate a band and the truth is I’m sure they are nice guys and talented musicians; but unless you are a teenage girl who has decided she is fed up with boybands and wants something slightly more credible, Rubylux’s The World Goes Quiet is not for you. My only hope is ‘Brighton’s best kept secret’ remain a secret and, eventually, it is the band that goes quiet.

Gav Duffy