Paper Crows - Grey Skies (EP Review)

From our country’s capital come the vocal/ electronic duo, Duncan McDougall and Emma Pansas, together forming Paper Crows. Last time we heard from them was the ‘Grey Skies’ EP. With a brand new track available to download for free from Soundcloud, Paper Crows have returned.

‘White Noise’ is what you’ve been waiting for with a fairly risky track title considering its definition. It takes a group who are quite confident in their sound to pull that kind of self-deprecating track name off. The track is more goth-electro than earlier tracks such as ‘Changing Colours’, Pansas seems to be playing on a Kate Bush or Goldfrapp tone with McDougall laying the electro on thick. I think with this track the slight change in tone kind of saves it. A neo-choral backing vocal juxta-posed by grimey rumbling bassline takes the commercial out of the sound, but then it seems to just be put right back in through an over-built bridge, complete with chugging synth-strings and the lyrics… well, they’re there.

For me, there seems to be certain waves rippling the mainstream at the moment. More and more artists are playing on quirky sounds and electro to spice up otherwise fairly predictable lack-lustre music with lyrics that don’t mean a great deal. This track seems less thought-out than previous stuff from Paper Crows, it feels like there just isn’t enough space for it to grow.

At about three minutes into the track you’re reminded of the underlying talent of the duo when a spacey, electro-choral track break-down gives a moment of reprise. The placement of this section is perfect and the production works well. The way it drops with the over-lagging echo from the bridge has the listener on tenterhooks and almost afraid to breathe. The way they build the track back up and maintain a teasing tension between track and listener is really affective.

This new wave of electro that has been injected into Paper Crows sound has the potential to be really affective when developed and timed right. But see what you think, check it out for yourselves!

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