After a whirlwind year, Hackney based psych rock band, SPLASHH, are set to release their debut album ‘Comfort’ to a mass of music hungry fans. One of the band’s biggest hits ‘All I Want to Do’ is being given a well deserved re-release as one of the ten tracks on the upcoming album. Previously released as a limited edition cassette tape (only fifty copies were made), the single carries a lot of what SPLASHH is all about and is sure to get your foot tapping to hard hitting scuzz rock riffs and an easy going, carefree vibe.

Opening with Jacob Moore on drums delivering a steady and lively beat lying over lingering harmonics, the track suddenly drops with a deliciously catchy guitar riff, laid down by Toto Vivian, that is dripping with distortion. The bass line, played by Thomas Beale, happily bobs alongside giving an excellent depth to the track. Vocals by Sasha Carlson are easy and enjoyable, he sounds like he is having fun with the music which really makes this a summery, feel good tune.

SPLASHH have gone for a ‘less is more’ approach with the chorus which plays off perfectly with one or two memorable lines. Falsetto vocal riffs scattered throughout the track give the listener a well deserved break from the hard hitting guitar riffs which only makes you want to go back for more.

Citing bands such as ‘The Pixies’ and ‘Blur’ as SPLASHH’s musical influences, the track sounds similar to an early ‘Oasis’ record and definitely wears these influences on its sleeve whilst still injecting an appropriate amount of originality which is refreshing in such a new band.

Coupled with a fun and quirky music video, directed by Errol Rainey, ‘All I Want to Do’ is sure to reel in more fans and hopefully propel this new and fun band further in their musical career.

SPLASHH’s Debut Album ‘Comfort’ is set to be released June 3rd by Luv Luv Luv Records.

James Riley