No Ceremony/// have been whispered amongst many for a while now, with nothing but good words being spoken, fans have awaited their next move with sheer anticipation. The Manchester based electronica trio headed west to begin a US tour with New Build (a child of the electro-pop band Hot Chip) and are set to release their debut single in May, on their very own label NOC///.

In true style No Ceremony/// continue to build the momentum of their presence in the industry, with ‘Hurtlove’ breaking the moulds of more traditional debut singles. Delicate piano notes and soft percussion set the tone for the track, whilst a robotic voice draws us further in, the synths lap over our ears like waves to the shore. The undeniable sadness that radiates from this track simply adds more mystery to No Ceremony///’s journey, whilst their essence is certainly not be questioned, nor underestimated. This mechanical monster of a track in certainly no Frankenstein.

They’ve been dubbed as “festival breakouts” by the LA Times, and with a string of tour dates in the summer they will be hard to escape.