There’s no disguising that Wildest Moments was the best track on Devotion.  Jessie’s soulful and powerful voice elevates the track to the level of pure air whilst the bass beat of the background gives the song an edge you could dance to, or at the very least bob your head.

To call this new version a remix is a bit generous, really it’s not that different to the original edit.  Rapper A$AP Rocky raps over the quiet bits in a couple of places and it actually works.  There is precedent for successful collaboration between hip hop and gentle, female vocals which was highlighted with Eminem’s genius work “Stan.”

This collaboration works just fine, the emotionally reaching nature of Jessie’s vocals contrast nicely with the well delivered rhymes from Rocky.  But there aren’t really enough of them to call it a true remix, nor a true collaboration.

This sounds a lot more like a DJ rapping over the top of a track that he’s looping as part of a DJ set.  There’s nothing really wrong with that but it’s not the sort of stuff that will become legend.

Jessie’s voice and music will remix well and it’s easy to imagine this sort of effort sparking some imitators and admirers which can only be a good thing if they can invent a new twist on this song that could one day be a classic.