What Now - Move Like A Sinner

The opening track to What Now’s second full-length album, Move like a Sinner starts with a progressive ascending three chord riff. Entitled, Ready To Be Heard it serves as a reminder of how much this band have been through to get to where they are today. Purely for the music, Ryan, Tyron and Adam left their roots in South Africa for the London music scene. It’s been a tough few years for them, but this album signifies their reunion and how far they have come.

There’s something for everyone in this album with a combination of different sounds they’ve played with; Hints of recent Pendulum, 80’s progressive rock and synth riffs alongside a vocal that is reminiscent of Jack White’s work in The Raconteurs. Overall it’s an exciting and interesting album, there’s fine attention to detail in terms of mastering work. If Looks Could Kill is a track that flirts with compression and echo, followed by album-titled track, Move like a Sinner with its spacey stereo-field movement. It’s difficult to directly compare this band specifically to one genre or artist which is definitely a good thing! Their two years apart before chance reunion for this album seems to have cemented their tastes and given them a firm sense of direction. The album listens confidently with no tracks that stand out as weaker than others.

Lifting the question from the band? What Now? – More albums like Move like a Sinner, please!