After an excellent first half of a season, The Walking Dead suddenly finds itself in something of a holding pattern as season three comes to an end.  Everyone is waiting for a Rick vs. Phil the Governor Mortal Kombat-style face-to-face fight to the death, but there are still another five episodes of this season to go, so the show has to find other ways to fill the time.  Unfortunately, the writers have decided that the best way to do this is by pushing Andrea, the worst character in the show by a distance, to the forefront, and make ‘I Ain’t A Judas’ a bit of a non-event as an episode.

Andrea finds out that the Governor has gone to the prison and there’s been a battle, and she’s not happy about it.  The Governor claims that the people at the prison have changed since Andrea knew them and that they fired first (which isn’t true, of course), but she wants to go to the prison and speak to them to try and avoid more battles in the future.  But the Governor doesn’t want to hear it, and tells her that if she goes, she should stay there.

I don’t think I’m alone in agreeing with the Governor’s assertion there, as a lot of people would like Andrea to just go away and never come back (or failing that, get munched on by a walker or two….or five), but she’s made her mind up, she’s going to the prison, and she wants Milton to help her.  Milton is another problem character for the show but he’s not annoying so much as he is pointless.  He’s been created for the show, but has already served his purpose (he’s been experimenting on walkers, and basically made no progress), so he just lingers around Woodbury.  He agrees to help Andrea, but is actually following the Governor’s orders.

Out in the wild, Andrea follows Michonne’s lead by capturing one and hacking off its arms before American History X-ing its jaw off, and she gets some help from Tyreese and his group, who are directed to Woodbury by Milton.  Andrea reaches the prison, but Rick doesn’t exactly afford her a warm welcome, and she’s surprised to hear that the Governor fired on them first.  She’s trying to negotiate a truce, but when that doesn’t work, she blames Michonne for ‘poisoning’ the group against the Governor, even though he’s quite clearly a bit of a nutjob.

Andrea leaves the prison by car, with the group making her consider killing the Governor for them, ending the threat of war before it starts, and we’re treated to the bizarre (in the context of The Walking Dead as a show) sight of a naked Andrea (or most likely a butt-double) climbing out of the Governor’s bed and taking a knife, as she considers killing him in his sleep, something she is ultimately unable to do.

I worried last week that the show was in danger of repeating itself and getting stuck in the same routine heading into season four, and this episode is another disappointing one.  Andrea and Merle are annoying characters that don’t really bring anything to the table, and delaying the showdown between Rick and the Governor (something that looks like being delayed further, based on the preview of next week’s episode) is stalling the show’s progress.

The Walking Dead really needs to find more to do with itself than just having the original group moving to a new destination each season, and season 3 seems to be coming to a stuttering end.