Laid back indie four-piece Civil Twilight have literally had quite the epic journey to arrive where they are today. Starting out in Cape Town, brothers Steven and Andrew McKellar, along with childhood friend Richard Wouters grew restless with South Africa, taking the inspiration their home had given them and relocating to Los Angeles. They recorded their self-titled debut in South Carolina before settling in Nashville, where Kevin Dailey completed the line-up.

Their second album, Holy Weather, has been well received both across America and their homeland of South Africa. The album was part written about the culture and the people of Nashville, with vocalist Steven McKellar also drawing from his past for material.

Upcoming single ‘Fire Escape’, due out April 1st, is a mellow indie-mix, full of rhythm and tension; the almost tribalistic beat carried as much through the guitars as the drums. Steven has a good vocal range at his disposal, easy and relaxed, leading the band with a clear confidence.

And that confidence isn’t misplaced; having supported top-name acts like Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Florence & The Machine, they now embark on a set of UK headline shows. Kicking off on April 9th at London’s Borderline, more dates are expected to be announced soon.

It’s their exotic heritage that will make Civil Twilight stand out from the over-crowded indie scene; they’re cultural mongrels, and that mix of South African and Tennessee influences is stitched into this track like patchwork. By holding onto the imprints that their childhood in Cape Town left on them they can offer something unique in a genre that desperately needs it.