So we’ve a new office bearer in the Vatican and this little beauty landed in my inbox this week.

“Unrelated subjects!” you’d be forgiven for shouting. Alright, I grant you I’ll have to stumble around in an attempt to relate these subjects in a fashion akin to Kevin Bacon inexplicably advertising 4G connectivity (sweet Jesus how the mighty fall).

This week, terms such as “a divider of opinions” and “not everyone’s cup of tea” have been used to describe both the past and present expounders of “Hi, just spoke to God, he agrees about the aids being bad thing, but agrees with me that condoms that are totally worse”.

While my fellow oxygen users might have been a bit off the mark with their descriptions I don’t think I would be if I were to use those terms to describe Alarm Bells new single “Speeding Ticket”, and with that this review clumsily gets back on track.

This band (and certainly their use of what appears to be a mid-90s webcam for their music video) will not be everyone’s cup of tea. But they are mine.

There is serious talent here in every member of this band and this single showcases that effortlessly. You’ll probably have heard of Dananananaykroyd and that this band is made up of their alumni. It would be rather crass to say “yeh this is better” but it fucking is. They’ve kept the Scottish singing voice so no-one from home will have any of those clichéd criticisms and they’ve added a pair of Mickey Mouse gloves, if that’s not an improvement I don’t know what is.

I cannot wait to see them live and hope you enjoy this as much I did.

By Vulture Hound

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