The release of debut album “Today I realised I could go home backwards” from duo We Cut Corners has brought the band a storm of praise and admiration in their native Ireland. Released in the rest of the UK this month, the band are hoping for a similar reaction on the mainland.

They’re in with a good chance. With an established reputation in Ireland as a dynamic and exciting live act, John Duignan and Conall Ó Breacháin were nominated for the Choice Music Prize for album of the year. Dripping positive reviews from both the Irish and UK press, their rise seems certain.

Musically, the band’s early influences of Radiohead and Ryan Adams are apparent, as are the years of work spent developing their unique sound. With an edge of pop folk in their guitars and some determined post punk lyricism, the pair’s unique sound makes them instantly iconic.

Track titles that include ‘A Pirates Life’ and ‘Are You A Man Or A  Mannequin’, the sweepingly elegant falsetto vocals of Breacháin and a fearless sense of the surreal in their lyrics combine in an album that will bring We Cut Corners into the UK with not a fanfare, but a roar.

“Today I realised I could go home backwards” is released in the UK on 25th March 12013. Visit their website or on their facebook page

We Cut Corners – Yet from Playroutine on Vimeo.