Warner Chappell are set to introduce South East England unknowns, LAC (Michael Davies, Damion Sheppard and Andrew Mardle) – showcasing their new single ‘Borstal Boy’, taken from their debut EP to be released April 28. Although a relatively short track, ‘Borstal Boy’ features some key elements that should you make you prick up your ears.

As newcomers, LAC bring us a sound so raw, it could well be a live recording. The sound permeates the senses to the extreme, that if you close your eyes you may very well be in that smoky English pub with a beer, perched on an uncomfortable bar stool, prying your feet from the sticky grit covering the floor. Davies belts the acoustics so hard that it’s any wonder his fingers aren’t bleeding. Teamed up with a raucously husky voice that strains with emotion, drifting slightly into a cockney twang – his contradictive ‘demanding pleas’ simply beg you to contribute to the noise. With such energy behind the acoustics and the voice, you will want to yell along to this track.

‘Borstal Boy’ is available as a free download from the LAC Facebook page. If something so raw can sound this polished, I can see big things for LAC with further producing. Grab a beer and have a listen.