Bring On The Dancing Horses, the Echo and the Bunnymen classic, is one of those songs which really shouldn’t be done with an orchestra; of course with that logic if it was to be done with the backing of an orchestra it shouldn’t be good in any way at all. So Ian McCulloch’s reworking of the ’80’s classic is therefore even more impressive considering the verdict cast against it before I’d even given it a chance. Dreamily hazy, the performance is as raw as it gets; offering a new dimension to the original. The track comes from an upcoming dual release from the Echo and the Bunnymen front man, entitled ‘Holy Ghosts’. It will include 2 discs: one of his emotional orchestral reworking of their biggest hits at Union Chapel while the second is a collection of ten new songs which are sure to prove popular with the Bunnymen faithful. All coming as the band prepare for a co-headlining tour of the UK with James, it’s certainly a very exciting and rewarding time to be Ian McCulloch.