Mozart’s Sister – Hello (EP Review)

Beginning on a shimmering note of layered vocals, the first track of Mozart’s Sister’s new E.P. Hello (also called Mozart’s Sister) paves the way for what amounts to a glorious 14-minute taster of the evolution of pop music in the Facebook era.

Mozart’s Sister is the solo project of Montreal native Caila Thompson-Hannant. Despite being tipped by Grimes as one-to-watch, Mozart’s Sister’s self-recorded debut E.P. Failed to make too much of an impression on the scene upon its release.

That E.P. has now been repackaged, along with some new material, as Hello; an apt title as the four-track E.P. reintroduces Mozart’s Sister and allows her to demonstrate the wide range of her talents, from 80s-tinged pop and funk-influenced numbers to electronica.

While the industry is filled with pop artists, it is Mozart’s Sister’s eccentric lyrics and samples which set her apart from the crowd, winning her comparisons to fellow Canadian acts Grimes and tUnE-yArDs.

‘Mozart’s Sister’ is a shimmering 80s-influenced examination of unrequited love, complete with baby-speak lyrics. ‘Don’t Leave It To Me’ is a guitar-driven, funk-influenced ode to the joys and fears of a new love doomed to fail.

Thompson-Hannant describes her music as ‘pink depression’ and ‘bedroom paranoia’, two coined phrases which perfectly capture her musical examinations of the subjects of love, isolation, and loneliness. Yet rather than wallowing in this navel-gazing, there is a triumphant edge to even the most anguish-filled moments on the E.P. For example, as Thompson-Hannant belts out ‘now I’m feeling like Mozart’s sister’ it never sounds anything less than a rousing declaration.

Overall Hello is an exciting preview of the future offerings from Mozart’s Sister, it’s only fault being that it ends so quickly, leaving the listener gasping for more.

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