Feldspar – The End (Single Review)

The End is definitively Feldspar. A melancholy tale of a tragic figure, a grand addition to Feldspar’s rogues gallery of lost, lonely and damned souls, good men with fatal flaws positively Greek in their misfortune. The lyrics are the star here showcasing the extraordinary ability of the band to conjure time and place, the story becomes as vivid in your mind as any tale of Tolstoy; told through a melodic vocal complimented by harmonious backing with a hint of a guitar providing the foundation the song is built from. So faint is the guitar you almost believe it simply exists in this track to stop it from being classified as A cappella.

The live video increases the sense of intimacy woven into the structure of the song. It provides us with a voyeuristic sneak preview of a live show. Elements of rehearsal give you a feeling of privilege, like we have been personally asked back stage and the emptiness of the venue closes the curtain behind you. This performance is just for you seems to be the message of the visuals.