Starting out as just a bit of fun between a kid and his camera, Diego Diez Peñacoba never expected to become quite so in love with the art of photography. Now a few years on the young artist is developing his photographic style further using his meaningful lifestyle and fashion photography to build what I consider a fantastic portfolio, which is sure to gain him some recognition. We loved him so much at Vulture Hound that we wanted to share his amazing talents with our readers. So here we have it an interview with the man himself just for you guys, read enjoy and be inspired!

1. Hello Diego thank you for agreeing to taking part in this interview we absolutely love your work! Can we begin with you giving our readers a brief introduction about yourself and the works you produce?

Hello! My name is Diego Diez, I’m currently living in a city at the south of Spain, Seville, I’m 18 and currently studying graphic design combining it with some freelance jobs as a photographer. In photography I can say “I like everything”, from fashion photography to lifestyle, what I enjoy more now, but I’m also working now in contemporary photography and analyzing other photographers.

2. What is it that first got you interested in taking the design and photography path? Have you always been a creative person or was there a moment in time which inspired you?

This is weird; I see a lot of people saying they were with a pencil in their hands since child or a camera from their parents, that didn’t happen to me! One day I just wanted to express ideas and by the fact I suck at drawing I started taking some photos and beginning to investigate and here I am now, all autodidact, that was like 3 years ago. Now I’m studying graphic design while I try to develop my photography style, or even build my own one haha!

3. In terms of skills have you gained these through your own creative development or have you taken part in any formal educational training? Do you believe that having a good education is necessary to succeed in this area of work?

As I said in the other question all have been autodidact, the great thing about Internet nowadays is you can look for tutorials or manuals about everything, and I mean everything. But I do think that if you want to do something right, more than technique you have to look at a lot of different works , past, present, even young artists and build yourself some kind of idea of what you want to do. I call it visual education.

4. From looking through your impressive online portfolio it seems that your photographic works follow many different themes. However there is one in particular that seems reoccurring which is that of the human form. Would you say that photographing people is your more favourable theme? If so what is it about this theme inspires you so much?

I like people, the feelings they may express. I completely love all photography related with people in some way, fashion, lifestyle, street photography, everything, I think a capturing a photograph of a person is the best and easiest way to transmit a certain mood or feelings, so that’s what I try to do.

Anyway, nowadays I’m really starting to get into contemporary photography such as big format landscapes and minimalism.

5. Out of all your works do you have a certain piece which seems to gather more interest than others? Why do you think this? Do you have a piece which you favour the most? If yes please tell us what it is about this piece that you think singles it out from the rest.

I don’t have a favourite piece, of course there are photos I look at and it has a lot more meaning and memories for me than others, but I think in my portfolio it’s a selection of the very best of my hard drive and rolls haha.

6. What would you say are the key elements in creating a good quality photographic piece? Is there any thing you have learnt over the last few years which you can share with our readers that may aid them in their own photography?

I have learnt that feelings/emotions are a very key element in a lot of my artistic work. As i said if you can transmit something, maybe not exactly what you want, but something to the one person who is viewing your work then you should be pleased with yourself.

7. It has also come to my attention that you are keen in developing in the art of video making. I watched the two short videos you posted on your blog and I must say for just a beginner your style and technique is absolutely beautiful. Is video making something that you would like to become a larger part of your works and do you have any tips for anyone who wants to try making their own?

Thanks! In some ways I find “easy” to make videos if you are already involved with the photography/cinema culture. In some ways you know what or when to shoot. It’s different to get all the video together then and add some music, I kind of hate that and that’s what takes more time to me, but in some way I love it, I really want to develop my video technique this 2013 as I think it’s a really powerful weapon.

8. Are there any artists, designers or photographers whose work you rate highly? What is it about there works that you appreciate so much? Would you say that these people have influenced you?

Nowadays there isn’t really any specific special photographer that I have as an idol, of course I like people like Ryan McGinley or Synchrodogs but what most influences me is the people I have around me. I’ve always said that my photos wouldn’t be possible without all my friends and all the hangouts or random days or photo sessions, they keep me wanting to explore and do things. I think that’s the best way to be influenced at the end of the day.

9. So what is next in store for you Diego? Do you have any goals or aspirations that you plan to achieve in 2013 and for your future career?

Well, it may sound hard, but I’d love to get out of Spain, that would be God damn awesome, but seems hard in the near future. About my work just keep doing things, fashion, lifestyle, let’s see if I can go to some music festivals such as Sonar or Primavera Sound and I also would like to curate an exhibition with photographers I enjoy. I’d also like to set up a fanzine so maybe that’s something i will achieve this year.

10. And lastly to finish off our interview is there any advice that you can give to us for any aspiring photographers and designers out there?

Do what you like, enjoy it while you are doing and don’t let anyone get you down, because they probably aren’t worth it.

Fancy seeing more of what Diego has to offer? Check out his online portfolio through the link below. It’s not something that should be missed!

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