After three singles and an EP, the London based four-piece, Younghusband are set to release the single ‘Comets Crossed’ on March 18th. Not only have you got a new single to be excited about but their long-awaited debut album which is set to be released later in the year.

There is a maturity of sound since previous EP, Crystal which I’m putting down to their work with producer Nicolas Vernhes  (best known for his work with Animal Collective and Deerhunter.) Frontman, Euan Hinshelwood describes this audible evolution as, ‘fresh eyed, eared; it has this woozy, nervous excitement’. The band has played on their lo-fi sound maintaining the background distortion which has become a trait of theirs, but ‘Comets Crossed’ sees a development of psychedelia, electro-play and a sweeping stereo-field. B-side, ‘Dromes’ is closer to the sound of previous EP track, ‘Tropic of Cancer’ returning to the grunge sound and messing around with rhythmic layering for the introduction- setting the listener on edge as they place the pulse.

The new single is intriguing on first listen alone, if Younghusband maintain the musical traits of ‘Comets Crossed’ and ‘Dromes’ it’s set to be an exciting album.