Tourist - Tonight (Single Review)

Tourist – Tonight (Single Review)

Let me pre-empt this review with this statement, “Listening to synthesized music has me thinking my arse has more talent – I could fart out better sounding tracks!” However, as does a decent fart merit a deep inhale, so too does the new track ‘Tonight’ by UK producer, Tourist (aka William Phillips), deserve at least a sniff.

Okay seriously, ‘Tonight’ does indeed have a nice vibe. Think summer on the beach, the warm breeze gently licking your skin. The track unobtrusively (like a fart?) sneaks in at the start. The pan flute-esque synth provides a woody warmth, counteracted by the fat snare slap that threatens to waken you from your reverie. Tickling layers of synth sounds and tender beats grind together – building – and after a minute into the track a budding ear-gasm seems imminent, but is held back by the regular, melodic throes. SUCH a tease! While you try to regain your senses, you’re then treated with a mid-song splash of a throbbing pulse and filtered vocals that reach to you from an underwater haven. But wait! The ear-gasmic explosion of the rising crescendo finally washes over you a minute from the end, before tapering away like a sunset.

‘Tonight’ forms part of a four-track EP available on February 18 via Monday Records. While the song doesn’t necessarily stink, it is an acquired scent. It does, however, put you in such a relaxed state that you may even let one loose yourself!

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