Patrick Dawes – Raising Stone (Preview Tracks)

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When told that a percussionist and music producer is going to release a single you can guess it’s going to be rhythmically driven. Patrick Dawes has done just that and it works.

The first track on the single, ‘Trees’ is a progressive piece. It’s made up of a layering of recorded samples which come together like a musical jigsaw. Whilst alternating between time signatures he takes from both the major and minor to create a sound that is cautious, emotive and atmospheric.

The B-side is titled ‘Funambule’ and has an entirely different sound: A guttural sound, thawing ice, pitched percussion and tabla accompanied by a French spoken lyric and occasional accordion. Wholly different to the Radiohead-esque, ‘Trees’! ‘Funambule’ is also rhythmically driven developing to a reggae pulse. The track effortlessly combines the contrast of oriental and European elements.

The single, Raising Stone, is being released March 25th. The single stands as a statement. As a debut it represents what Patrick Dawes is capable of with no attempt at conceptualising the tracks. Dawes demonstrates how strong a foundation rhythm is- an inspiration for percussionists with producer aspirations.


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