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How do you know if a pop track is good? When those infection chorus lyrics are burned into your brain and you cannot go about your daily life without singing that song at least 100 times a day? Wrong. You see, subtlety in music is a skill only a few can master. Pop music is often forced, with its rhyming slang and dramatic hooks, what happened to being swept away by the instruments and the lyrics just hopping along for the ride? We’re not quite sure but Generationals are doing a damn good job of bringing it back.

Some would say they’re not even trying, that it’s effortless, but in a good way of course. Those guitars are strumming and whilst you’re busy giving it your best moves you join in with the words “it doesn’t matter” like you’re part of the Generationals gang. With a 1960’s beach vibe about them you can’t help but think of The Drums (who seemed to have dropped off the face of the music world) and their hit ‘Let’s Go Surfing’.  They welcome you with open arms and invite you into their mellow and carefree world. ‘Spinoza’ looks set to be the leading track for their upcoming album ‘Heza’,  due to be released 8th April on Polyvinyl Records.

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