London trio, Bear’s Den (Andrew Davie, Joey Haynes and Kevin Jones), unveil their new video for ‘Isaac’ – taken from their debut EP ‘Agape’ soon to be released on March 18 via Communion Records. As does a humble homemade pie baked with love warm your belly, ‘Isaac’ will warm you from the inside out.

The stand out track demonstrates the band’s innate ability to provide food for the soul with the simple but yet fulfilling recipe of their delicate vocal harmonising, subtle percussion, tender plucks of the banjo and gentle acoustic strokes. The powerful lyrics elicit emotions that are awakened when loving someone so much means giving them the last of all there is to eat in the world – you too will be sipping hungrily from the spoon of honesty and tenderness that is Davie’s voice.

The video for ‘Isaac’ is as simple as the scraps of sounds the trio rustle together, used to prepare your feast – candlelight, a vacant room, humble instruments, reflective mirrors and caring company reminiscent of a circle of friends. The romance of the thought behind what seems so very little is certainly not lost.

If you have an appetite for that folk-driven flavour, Bear’s Den are currently touring with Joe Banfi in the UK, and later in the year across the US with Mumford & Sons.