Mindblank - Trim the Barber (Single Review)

Technically delicious and fantastically dark, ‘Mindblank’ is the new release from East London post-punk 4piece, Trim the Barber. They combine bleak, melodic dark punk stylings with a truly unnerving music video to create one hell of a track.

It’s easy to get lost in ‘Mindblank’, as the vocals are otherworldly, fading back into and nearly buried by the  pounding bass and enticing drums. There’s a deep, blood red feel there that brings to mind the blacker days of Depeche Mode, but with a more psychedelic feel. Difficult to sum up, the listener is transported to a sinister, teeming place that they just don’t want to leave.

The video is equally traumatic – a melting wax head in an isolated garden, slowly changing from solid, twisted features to a puddle of viscous looking goo. Connecting with the major lyric ‘erase the faces’, the head seems to represent the journey of the song. As with the music, the video fascinates and discomforts at the same time. Whilst the progress of the melting face is disturbing, it’s impossible to look away.

A masterful, addictive track then, doing a brilliant job as a follow up release. Trim the Barber uncovered their début, self titled EP in 2012 to huge reviews, packed tours and global radio plays. Will the sudden glare of success weaken their music or scare them from pushing at the edges? ‘Mindblank’ is their answer – a roaring, unyielding NO.

‘Mindblank’ will be released on 1st March 2013. Follow Trim the Barber at http://trimthebarber.blogspot.co.uk/