LULS – Never Let it Go (Single Review)

There’s something slightly opportunistic about LULS, and I don’t just mean their tacky name. As we enter 2013, another set of British “indie” guitar bands are set to race out the blocks to try and leave their imprint on an already saturated market. Based on stuttering single ‘Never Let it Go’, LULS could be the new successors to White Lies, who were the successors to Editors, who were the successors to Interpol, with all roads leading to Joy Division.

Then again, I digress. No-one wants to hear about how generic post-punk rules the airwaves because it’s been said, and unlike most other tracks that you’d likely hear on Hollister speakers, this track is by no means terrible. With its placid harmonies and anthemic overtones, it’s very reminiscent of several big British guitar hits over the past decade, and perfectly hummable in a trite sort of way. Unfortunately it also lacks any sort of punch or exceptional features that will help LULS to stand out from the crowd. It might get played on Radio 1 a few times, but considering it fails to even deviate from its standard verse hook, LULS look like they’ll struggle to make a mark.

Jonathan Rimmer

By Vulture Hound

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