Kerrang Tour - Bristol O2 Academy (Live Review)

People in their 100’s waited for hours outside the Bristol O2 Academy just to get the best possible view of the stage for his years’ Kerrang Tour, which is headlined by a greatly controversial band; Black Veil Brides.

Fearless Vampire Killers are often dubbed the British equivalent of Black Veil Brides, however, their sound and stage presence is completely different when compared. Gothic-scene styling, performing I’m Still Standing by Elton John is a very weird and unexpected combination but somehow it worked. The only British band on the tour got a huge welcome and felt they earned more fans.

Tonight Alive proved they had more than enough energy to continue livening up the crowd of 1200. The fast pace set quickly morphed from Breaking and Entering into Amelia where everyone were instructed to “grab a lighter or cell phone and light them up”. Back into their upbeat tracks, Tonight Alive performed Listening as their finale, which got the crowd going ever so slightly making more evidence that this Australian band have rightly so broken into the UK.

After leaving DRUGS (Destroy Rebuild Until God Show), Craig Owens returns to Chiodos and what great decision it was. They slammed the audience with their riffs and strong vocals therefore increasing their performance to a fantastic standard. Chiodos had energy, which reflected quickly on the crowd especially when Craig Owens trusted fans in the front row to balance himself on their grip. Enjoyable to watch and the way they involved their fans was fantastic.

After a long wait, giving time for stage preparation and for the venue to fill to capacity once again, Black Veil Brides took to the stage with confidence and ready to rip the O2 Academy apart. Opening the night with new track I am Bulletproof, which then forcibly flowed into New Religion and from the first chord struck, the crowd went into noticeable excitement. Going back and forth from We Stitch These Wounds right through to Wretched and Divine, each song was executed with precision in addition to Andy Biersack’s commanding personality shining through along with his powerful vocals and eager frontman attitude. The first riff of The Legacy played causing the audience to go absolutely wild. Hearts beating fast and energy levels increasing, the crowd got ready for the final song of the night; Fallen Angels, which had everyone eating out of the palms of Black Veil Brides hands.

Being summoned back on stage by a packed venue, all five members returned to perform an encore that happens to be the first newly released single; In The End. No matter if you haven’t listened to the album, this song is well known even for the short amount of time it’s been released in the UK. From every direction, the lyrics were being sung and you couldn’t get away from it even if you wanted to.

Kerrang! may have put a very controversial American band as headliners but the achievement was obvious; an audience of 1200+ went home satisfied with what they’ve seen with merchandise bundled in their arms and waiting vigorously for Black Veil Brides to show their faces. It was a fantastic gig but our only criticism is not to the bands, however, to the audience. It was meant to be a rock n roll show right? So why were they not creating circle pits and walls of death, especially during Chiodos who are the heaviest out of the lot? Never the less, this has made Vulture Hound wanting February 2014 to hurry itself up for another year of the Kerrang Tour.