Joe Banfi - Nomads

How appropriate the name of Joe Banfi’s new EP title track ‘Nomads’ is. It renders you disorientated, wandering aimlessly through weaving sounds you could touch, searching for something that cannot be articulated by words.

The nomadic lifestyle is encompassed in this track through Banfi’s diverse vocal technique – one minute you’re safe and warm with his clear, pure whispers… the next your left cold and frightened by his rasping, soaring wails. The track emanates an almost visual representation of being lost in an unpredictable climate, through the interchanging blends of moaning strings, folk-ie acoustics, pealing piano, threatening drums, and an extremely well-devised ‘symphonic’ production. The uncertainty of navigating through this atmosphere is heightened by Banfi’s haunting cries accompanied by the ever-changing drums – soft and reassuring, to beating you into submission – a highlight of the track in my opinion.

The video for ‘Nomads’ was quite surprising, in the sense that my mind’s eye had constructed a scene of thunderous skies giving way to grey drizzle over the sea, with whales calling out to those forever lost yet not forgotten. In stark comparison, we are treated to a split screen of black and white, with scenes of rushing water, childhood toys, a bleak wooded landscape – each in turn set alight, as Banfi reminisces in the plumes of smoke.

Northwich singer-songwriter, Banfi, releases his four-track ‘Nomads’ EP via Communion Records on March 4. To hear this track, you really need to feel it. Once you’ve felt it, then you are no longer lost.