Ahead of the third show on the 2013 Kerrang Tour , Vulture Hound had a chance to have a quick chat with Tonight Alive’s Jake Hardy (guitarist) and Cam Adler (bassist) about their upcoming album, pranks on tour and what farm animal they would be.

How was your Christmas and New Year?
Jake Hardy: It was great, we got to go home and spend it with our family in the nice Australian summer so yeah we were stoked.

The first date you played was Cardiff then Manchester last night, how were they?
Jake: Yeah they were great. We had what we thought was a great crowd reaction and crowds have been massive so it’s pretty exciting to be on this tour really.

It’s Bristol tonight and I was talking to the guys downstairs, they said over a thousand tickets have sold so far, how can Bristol step it up tonight?
Cam: I don’t really think Bristol needs to step it up I just hope that we keep stepping it up because we had a bit of a break over the Christmas stuff so we’re still getting back into it so we’re a bit rusty. Plus it’s our job to get the crowd going

How is it touring the UK with Chiodos, Fearless Vampire Killers and headliners Black Veil Brides?
Jake: Yeah it’s awesome, I mean we’ve only had two shows to get to know them but we share a dressing room with Fearless every night and they’re a good bunch of dudes and easy to get along with. Chiodos and Back Veil Brides. We haven’t met them that much but we’ve talked to Chiodos a bit but they seem like pretty good dudes.

Last time you guys were in the UK Jenna had an interview with Simon from Kerrang and she mentioned something about pranks. Has there been any yet?
Jake: Not yet no. we don’t have any in the works but we’ve still got a week and a half so we’ll see how it goes.

Who would you prank and how would you do it?
Cam: Probably Black Veil Brides, it has to be. Go big or go home ya know

Jake: We can’t tell you how we’ll do it else we’ll ruin it, but probably something involving their make up.

Cam: Maybe switch all their black make up with pink? Just keep the bottles the same and just pour the new stuff in.

Jake: Or maybe just mix it in with glow in the dark so they glow in the dark as soon as they walk on stage .

Who’s the biggest pranker in Tonight Alive?
Cam: On the last tour I mean Whak’s generally the one who gets pretty rowdy and takes his clothes off and he’s always the answer to do something funny.

Jake: He’s definitely the one who’s committed to pull off a prank. Someone will come up with the idea and he’ll just get it in his head and be like ‘yeah we’re doing it’ and we’re all like ‘um okay’.

Let’s talk about the next album. How’s the production going for it?
Cam: We finished doing pre-production before Christmas and after the new year we started tracking the music and we’re going to continue tracking it between the tour relatively soon then we can start promoting it for it to come out later on this year.

Can you announce any special guests on the album if there are any?
Jake: No unfortunately we can’t not yet and even if there are any it’s all under wraps.

Cam: Hushy, hushy; secret, secret.

Jake: Sorry but you can’t have the inside scoop *laughs*

Once the Kerrang tour is over, are you going to come back to the UK soon after and would you play in Bristol again?
Jake: Yeah we should be coming back a good couple of times before the year is out.

Cam: Especially to promote the album of course but we’re going to try and get on a few festivals. Playing Bristol again? Depends how tonight goes. Nah I’m kidding but I swear we’ve played here on our first tour.

Jake: No we didn’t I don’t think, we just played the bigger cities.

If you could be any type of farm animal what would you be and why?
Jake: A pig for sure because they orgasm for half an hour I’ve heard so why not. Definitely the best farm animal to be. What about you?

Cam: I’m trying to think of farm animals man. I wouldn’t want to be a chicken or a sheep. A horse would be alright because you can have a massive down there *laughs*

Jake: Yeah you’re hung, which is good pointer.