Death in the Afternoon – Kino (Album Preview)

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If 2013 has got you thinking that legwarmers are never coming back then think again. The second album from the Swedish quartet, Death in the Afternoon will get you reminiscing over Jackson Browne and Human League in no time with their 80’s synth riffs and electro pop drum machines. The 80’s movie soundtrack influence is definitely there in the album Kino. Death in the Afternoon also claim to have been influenced by French cinema in the ‘30’s and ‘40’s.

The album is easy listening with tracks such as ‘Fandango’ instantly bringing Flashdance to mind, followed by less ‘poppy’ ‘OKOK’ with hints of post-dubstep in its bass lines. In terms of where to file Death in the Afternoon it would be between Human League and Kindness due to their efforts to reinvent that ‘80’s revival synth sound, yet throwing some more complex tracks into the mix.



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