Some experiences in life are just too frightening to contemplate, and yet, that sick little individual inside you screams for it to be so. The new track ‘Wanderlust’ by British duo Sound Cloud (Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke) had me tied in a straight jacket by invisible hands, as my hair was ripped pitilessly through threading buckles. But oh, how I loved it, and prayed that it would never end!

The heady guitar twangs set the haunting tone of this song, as it reverberates through your core and makes you drop to your knees. Mercilessly, you are dragged to a bitter place in a past memory, by the scratching hiss of needle on vinyl. From down on your knees, you are blessed with Clarke’s vocals, as he baptises you with sporadic church-like incantations and the blissful swirling of moaning electronica. If losing my mind was the price to pay for joining the religion that is this song, then surely the agonised vocals and antiquated strings would hold me together.

The video is a disturbing yet appropriate companion to the song. In sepia tones, you witness the painful memories of a tortured man, as his shell-shocked eyes peek through bloodied bandages, and he convulses spasmodically with each mocking memory. As does the song guilt you into connecting with its atmosphere, so too will the video attempt to drag your soul from you.

‘Wanderlust’ is taken from the forthcoming digital single (featuring ‘Drean’), available March 4 on Apollo Records. I recommend satisfying the sick little individual inside you.