Argonaut - More Life

The relationship between a band or an artist and their fans has become a curious one. Long gone are the days of crooners in the Glasgow Empire Theatre (I’ve heard from my Grandmother) crow-barring “GA – LAS – GOW is my kind of town” into their set and thinking that was enough to generate a fan base. We now see modern artists, admittedly mostly from America, who use collective nouns to give followers a sense of membership, the most toe-curling of which comes from Rihanna and her “Navy”.

It is therefore at the very least original that lead vocalist of Argonaut, Lorna Lyons, has decided to create “special edition vintage items for keen supporters of the band” using her skills with fashion.

So form an orderly que to enjoy their single More Life? Well, not exactly. This band claim to have influence from 90s artists and one would be wrong to state that that was not obvious (try listening to it and not thinking instantly of Garbage). However, the subtle build up to a wailing chorus is just a little painful.

For a 90s music and vintage clothing combo, I’d have to suggest your local charity shop where both are in abundance.

Scott Sandison