Arbouretum - The Promise (Single Review)

Arbouretum – The Promise (Single Review)

Arbouretum sounds like a peaceful place to while away the hours. Not on this track, my friends. Like medieval time travellers, with sagas to tell, they take me back to circa 1970, when English folkies,
searching for directions new, began merging their music with prog-rock.

This band of brothers, who hail from Baltimore, USA, certainly look back to their colonial forebears for influences. ‘The Promise’, on first hearing, sounds like the bastard son of Fairport Convention and Black Sabbath (in this case, not a bad thing), before blasting off to Planet Hawkwind. It begins with 25 secs of distorted, grungy guitar mantra…then silence….let us begin again….About 40 secs in, ‘hey-nonne-no’ vocals take us on a journey through the song before going into hyper-bollocks overdrive.

It’s a worthwhile journey and lovers of ‘Prog’ won’t suffer ‘motion sickness’. In fact I want to find out more. Watch this Space (Ritual).

Antonio  Longhi

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