When I first read about this EP I saw it described as “dark and dreamy”. To me that analysis makes a lot of sense – it is filled with the kind of synthy tracks that can depress and inspire in equal measure. However I felt that “dreamy” could easily in turn be replaced by “nightmarish”. White Blush’s debut EP is destined to be big if you are into the haunting electronic music that she flies the flag for. However, I do not fall into that category. For me ‘White Blush’ is full of the kind synth beats I would expect to find on the loading screen of a retro video game; they sound terribly out of place, especially when brought together with Carol Rhyu’s downhearted pop vocals.

‘808 Myst’ takes the crown of most haunting record on the album. Luckily for me I listened to it during the daytime, because if it been during the night then I think I might have had to turn the lights on. There are no lyrics to hide its creepiness (presumably because Rhyu had fled in terror); it’s 3 minutes and 44 seconds of haunted house music. However (once I’d felt it was safe to listen to more of the album) ‘Juice of my Heart’ did manage to break through my stubbornness and resonate with me- a much faster beat, which almost sounded good when Rhyu’s vocals were layered on top of it.

Listen here – whiteblush.bandcamp.com


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