What Now - Move Like A Sinner

What Now – Move Like A Sinner (Single Review)

In all honesty, upon hearing the intro to What Now’s title track off of their soon to be released album, Move Like A Sinner, you don’t know what to expect. The melodic pounding of the piano keys to start the song leave you feeling in a somber mood, that is, until you hear the percussion kick in. The beat of the drums blend so well with the sound of the piano to elicit, for lack of better words, a feeling of intrigue. Then once the vocals cue in, that’s when the song really begins to take flight. Frontman, Tyron Layley, really takes control of this song with his voice. For those who are fans of the band Coldplay, you will be able to detect a similarity in the tone of Tyron voice with that of Chris Martin’s. However What Now seems to have more of an edge to their sound and it clearly comes out in Move Like a Sinner. At more than the half way point in the song, that is when the guys truly show their diversity as a band when singer/bassist Ryan Morris shows off his vocal talents. While adding a different dimension to the song, his voice blends well with that of Layley’s. Together, the two are able to put on a masterful vocal performance to make this song unique. And as fitting as the intro to the song, the end concludes with a perfectly timed violin as the song fades out.

Evan Zidel

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