Starting out as a small band from Cambridge, Mallory Knox have continuously put their name out in the industry by making a load of festival appearances, great music and a lasting impression on people resulting into an increasing following. Don Broco made it, so why can’t they.

Lighthouse shows how this band are developing and following the footsteps of others by taking everything in their stride in order to become a great British band.

The vocals by Mikey Chapman display just enough power that establishes Mallory Knox’s sound and the harmonies between each member demonstrates the quality of their vocal abilities, therefore, to create a good sounding record.

The way the guitars blend together create a great sound as the chords and riffs James Gillett  and Joe Savins play, attract to one another to find a good level of musicality. In addition, the bass lines and drumming patterns in Lighthouse stay consistent throughout, however, the point at which the vocals lighten up, the base of it does the same then the power gradually builds up, giving us the pure Mallory Knox sound.

Beginning the year with such a banger is a step in the right direction and with Signals available to pre-order, this year looks set to be a great one for Mallory Knox.