Single Review: Kagoule – Mudhole

Upon first listen of Kagoule’s forthcoming track ‘Mudhole’, the first thought that raced through my head was how I couldn’t believe that this was a band made up of 17 year olds. When I first think about the number 17, I think of Metro Station’s song ’17 Forever’ and then I hate myself. On second thought, that number really makes me think back to when I was 17 and just getting into the punk scene. It also makes me understand how talented this band is because at the age of 17, I didn’t have nearly as much talent as these guys do… I still don’t.

Right from the start of the song, this was something that I knew I could get on board with. I am one for catchy hooks, and the melodic strumming of the guitar to intro this track definitely got me. The best way to describe the tone of this song would be to categorize it as grunge meets punk rock. I know it may not necessarily be the most well received of comparisons but for those familiar with the bands Blue Monday and Smashing Pumpkins, I would say, mash up those two bands, and you have Kagoule. The vocals mesh very well with the rhythm of the guitar and percussion. Although I feel as if the tone of the song is more of the upbeat nature and the vocals are on the more mellow side. The song itself seems to stay on the same tempo throughout and really has no surprises.

In all honesty, I like this song, I do. But it’s lacking something. There appears to be potential in the vocals of the song but that potential isn’t really explored. Like I had alluded to earlier, the tempo throughout the song remains relatively consistent and there are no surprises. I am interested in hearing more from this band and seeing if they can explore their talents even further. Again, at the ages of merely 17, they have plenty of time to do so.

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