Single Review: Farewell JR – Night Wolves

After playing the song on repeat for a couple of days, I’m unsure of what to make of Farewell JR’s lead track ‘Night Wolves’ from their debut EP Health. But perhaps that is a good thing. Music is something that is supposed to make you feel, whether for better or worse, emotion is what makes music. And this sense of unknowing upon listening to ‘Night Wolves’ seems like not only a positive thing but also means that this song resonated some sort of emotion.

When listening to this song, one (me… well, obviously me, I’m the one writing it) could hear distinct similarities to the band Arcade Fire. Is that a good thing? I would like to think so, I like Arcade Fire. Nick Rayner, front man of Farewell JR, showcases much emotion in his vocals in what is quite apparently a mellow-toned song off of the Health EP. Much attention is paid to the instrumentals in this song as well as they allow for Rayner’s voice to flow quite well with the tempo of the song. A noticeable progression takes place at around the 3:51 minute mark. This progression adds a new dimension to the song and makes me really view the song in a new light, like I alluded to earlier, it gives me a feeling of being unsure.

Upon first listen, I was left with a feeling of uncertainty because, admittedly, this writer prefers more up tempo songs with a lot of breakdowns. However I do like the occasional song that consists of a slower tempo and is of the more mellow variety. This song would definitely fit the latter of the two. ‘Night Wolves’ is a song that will grow on you. Rayner is definitely dedicated to his craft and his emotions is instilled in the song. For that reason alone, it is worth a listen… or two.

Health will be available on March 11th of 2013.

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