Single Review: Dropout Dan – Sentimental

If singer/songwriter Dropout Dan (Daniel O’Dell) doesn’t melt your heart with his acoustic guitar, he’ll get you with his genuine lyrics. “Sentimental” is Dropout Dan’s first single from his new EP, Forever, Instead, which will be released on Valentine’s Day.

But don’t let the song title fool you — “Sentimental” is not your typical love song. “The main concept about this song is simple,” Dropout Dan says on his Bandcamp page. “Boy goes out, boy meets girl, boy and girl drink lots, they end up in bed together, boy does a runner, but not before he leaves a note by her bedside (the note being the lyrics in the last chorus of this song). But the hidden story behind the lyrics is about confusing lust for love and the thin line that separates the two.”

Dan says his favorite lyric from “Sentimental” is, “Oh I know there are ways around this coming from moving forwards with the lights turned off.” He even recorded himself writing the bedside note, which provides the scratchy sound in the instrumental part of the song like in Eminem’s “Stan.”

“Sentimental” shows that Dropout Dan’s 2011 tour was time well spent, as he’s found his niche as a musician. Dan sounds like a one-man band version of pop-punk bands like All Time Low and Jack’s Mannequin.

Dropout Dan caught his big break in 2011 when Big Cheese Magazine helped him release his first EP, Do You Remember? He then spent the year on tour, playing more than 100 shows. Dropout Dan will begin his UK tour for Forever, Instead on Feb. 16, two days after the release of the EP.

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