Single Review: Caitlin Rose – No One To Call

As synonymous with country music as daisy dukes or the stars and bars; Nashville is the home of twenty five year old singer Caitlin Rose whose second full album “The Stand In” is due out soon.  Her leadoff single is “No One To Call”, a rocka-billy country song for the modern day.

Blaring, fierce guitars mark the track as different to her softly spoken, if rocky, debut album.  Caitlin’s sweet, tortured voice trills out as she sings of being alone and having “no one to call”.  Her voice is rich, mature and filled with emotion.  While live her voice soars to even greater emotional pitches.

The lyrics are classic country music fare, heartbreak and independence.  Her influences are an interesting range from classic country to folk to punk rock and her new album has some heavier guitar than we may have been used to.

But “No One To Call” continues to showcase her superb singing voice and its emotional tenor which sets her apart from so many of her peers.  Prepare to have your heart broken, “The Stand In”  is coming soon!

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