Ones To Watch: Dinosaur Pile-Up

Yorkshire-based indie rockers Dinosaur Pile-Up have returned two years after their debut album, ‘Growing Pains’, to release their much-awaited follow up ‘Nature Nurture’. Their album was, once again, recorded solely by their multi-talented frontman Matt Bigland playing all the parts.

Having been on the scene for more than five years, the band have gone through several line-up changes to end up where they are today, and their upbeat, melodic brand of indie rock is bound to be an instant hit. It has a sound which is much more like the original indie masters of the 1990s than the modern reinvention of the genre, which will appeal to those old enough to remember the 90s as well as gaining them younger fans.

Their two year silence could be put down to a shake-up in the band members, but ‘Nature Nurture’ isn’t an album that will see them quietly sneak back into the scene. With a musical CV listing them as support acts to the Pixies and Feeder, they certainly have the credentials to get noticed.

The full and heavy instrumentals mixed with Matt Bigland’s rough-around-the-edges vocals is so appealing, and presented with an energy that’s bound to be contagious. It’s tight and slick, buffed up with a little recording studio polish, but that’s more reason to seek them out live. Their grunge edge is bound to make them epic in the flesh while you wear the album out on your stereo.

Download ‘Lip Hook Kiss’ here:

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