Ed Black, Jordan Balaber, Phil Morris and Jake King make up Ninetails. Their current ‘Slept and Did Not Sleep’ EP was released on December 10th on Superstar Destroyer Records and Chris Pawlusek created this exceptionally beautiful work of art. It is perfection heard by the ears, which is elegant and refined throughout.

Ninetails use the vocals to their advantage and bring in over half the way through, with a trivial touch at the beginning. The instrumentals express themselves and ingeniously have bursts of drama within the EP, which are beautiful and compliment the brought in vocals.

The video is in touch with each sense and holds gripping, stunning scenes and images. To call this EP blissful drama is a compromise; it holds you to the screen whilst watching the video and embraces your ears to its maxim listening potential. ‘Slept and Did Not Sleep’ is truly picturesque on all levels.

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