Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street (Single Review)

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds reveal the new track from their forthcoming album Push The Sky Away. Filled with a familiar mix of the sublime and the subverted for which Nick Cave has made himself known, Jubilee Street sings of “good people” who need to practice what they preach, of the morally righteous delving into the delicious sleaze they take so much delight in publicly decrying. Fittingly, the music reflects the themes of conflict and hidden dark sides. The track is deceptively simple, disguising the hidden depths that slowly reveal themselves as the track progresses. The slow and humble guitar that is picked to perfection along an unwieldy time signature, gets gradually displaced for chords and choruses that are set to compete with the screech of tortured strings that suggest no matter how pretty you paint the neighbourhood, the ugly truth will always seep through the cracks.