Yes, yes, yes! No, I’m not trying to steal WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan’s catch phrase. I’m referring to my reaction to my initial listen of The Vestals track Seventeen. As I have alluded to in early reviews, I’m a fan of anything that is pop-punk. Well, admittedly, the same goes for anything with a poppy feel to it. If a song has a catchy hook or chorus, I’m going to be pulled in. Hey, there’s a reason I still have Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe on repeat. Case in point, I feel like Seventeen could have the same effect.

The melody that intros Seventeen is just so addictive. The meshing of the lead guitar and drums works almost perfectly together. Almost to the point that I kept restarting the song just to hear the intro over and over again before listening to the rest of the song. However upon getting past the intro, I realized that there is much more to this song, and what a realization that was. The vocals sounds like a more modern version of Morrissey. Does that make sense? I like to think it does, so let’s roll with it. And what’s interesting is that I was never a fan of Morrissey, but I am a fan of this. The vocal output of this song are rather cathartic the way in which they blend with the instrumentals. The lyrics also work very well. They are reminiscent of a punk rock style due to the fact they take you back to earlier times where life was much easier. Of course other genres of music do this as well, but being a punk rock kid, this is what I relate it to. At about the 2:50 mark of the song, The Vestals do something which I truly love in a song; they slowed everything down momentarily before kicking right back into an uptempo pace, which was consistent with the rest of the song. During the slow down, the faint laughter of children can be heard which adds to, what I feel is the theme of the song, which is thinking back to times of being in High School and not having any worries. The outro to the song concludes it very simply as the vocals fade out and you are left with nothing but the beat of the drums.

I honestly cannot think of anything wrong with this song. I wouldn’t call it perfect by any means because no song is. But The Vestals can do no wrong with Seventeen. It’s catchy, it’s up beat, it’s fun to sing along to, it’s an all around Evan type of song. For those of you in the UK, you can catch The Vestals on tour with Pure Love throughout February. And I recommend not missing it. You’ll be happy you didn’t.

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