Everyone knows who Jessie Ware is now. She’s the silky voiced, soulful singer of one of last year’s dark horse hits “Devotion”. She sang the truly outstanding “Wildest Moments” and appears to be on a serious upward trajectory, having been a Mercury Prize finalist already.

However her single “110%” has had to be renamed and rejigged as “If You’re Never Going To Move” after a complaint by the estate of Big Punisher, who she sampled in the song. It would seem that their main complaint was that there was a Big Punisher song called “100%” and that Jessie needed to call her song something else.

So here it is “If You’re Never Going To Move”; a slick, soulful and uptempo song that is a good showcase for Jessie’s sleek vocals set to a crisp beat that bounces along over gossamer thin backing melodies.

The lyrics are yearning without being meek, it’s an empowered song about love and Jessie’s not some damsel that needs to be rescued. She’s setting it out plain for the subject she’s singing about; “If you’re never going to move on my love, I’ll have to come to you.”

Jessie’s voice is stronger in the epic “Wildest Moments” but this is a fine dance song, albeit is a somewhat light one. “Devotion” is well worth a listen and whatever you call it, this is a fine part of that album

By Vulture Hound

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