First Aid Kit are a band reminiscent of an age past: Sixties pranksters in paisley and primary colours, flowing hair and fairisle with rhythm guitar and a tambourine. Their music is a Celtic folk fusion with hints of baroque pop too, occasionally modernised by synthesised pan-pipe or flute.

The Swedish sisters released their debut album, The Big, Black & the Blue January 2010 and followed it earlier this year with The Lion’s Roar. The album has created a storm across the globe making it into the top 50 album charts of eight countries .To liken First Aid Kit to other artists spans over decades of music, including Joan Baez, Janis Joplin and more recently Fleet Foxes and The Staves.

The single ‘The Lion’s Roar’, taken from same titled second album, epitomises what First Aid Kit are about. Lilting ¾ rhythms give it a peasant dance feel, whilst un-dampened bass drum gives it percussion Celts would envy. Effortless close-vocal harmonies add to the harmonic interest with a blend of tone unique to siblings. The lyrics are poetic and full of metaphors, with a focus on realism and spoken-song. ‘The Lion’s Roar’ is a single that sets the bar for the album to follow, which the sisters meet with their consistent writing throughout the album. Their live performances are as good, if not better than