New Video: Echotape – Far From Heaven

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By the end of my first listen to Echotapes’ “Far From Heaven” I was baffled as my first point of reference somewhat confused me. The delicate vocals and the bouncy up tempo drumming recalled, inexplicably, Wild Beasts. Inexplicable because by the end of the track it’s clear Echotapes are actually shooting for something not quite resembling baroque pop.

Once the rousing chorus starts, replete with arena ready guitar chords it quickly becomes obvious they’ve hit the target they were aiming for; that is, stadium rock (the song was mixed by Simon Gogerly who worked on some of U2’s songs). That Echotape can evoke these to disparate genres certainly impressive, but at the same time there’s no miscommunication. “Far From Heaven” is without t a doubt, a song best equipped to be sung by a lot of people, in a very large room.


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