If ever a track could reflect the mood of January it would be this one. That’s not to say that Eaux have depressing connotations, but that their music is reflective, an aural limbo and the start of ‘something’.

‘Too Dark to Tell’ is the ambiguous track from the EP entitled, ‘i’. The lyrics are indefinite and the tone reflective. The music video evokes the exact words of the title. Dampened drum pads form the foundation of the track- a sleepy winter pulse. Whilst Sian Ahern’s ethereal vocal soars like an awakening from hibernation. Ahern remains very much at the centre of the track, similarly to her vocals for previous band, Sian Alice Group. However, there’s a sense of evolution. Eaux seem more grounded and together, coupled with a momentum and direction.

Eaux, French for waters, write music that is almost entirely electronic. Despite this the trio always ensure that their music is performable at live gigs. The EP has hints of chill-step, yet still a cautious tension. The music is unpredictable and during some tracks you find yourself waiting for the drop whilst others lull you into your sub-conscious. Definitely a band to be excited about and watch out for!