It’s unfortunate for Brighton’s Common Tongues that I think their lead singer sounds a bit like Mark Mumford. Hours spent trawling through music blogs have bred a prejudice within me to voices of that particular timbre. That and the fact that Common Tongues are indeed a folk band means that a comparison to what must be “high-brow” most hated band is an inevitability.

This is completely pretty unfair to Common Tongues considering their new single “Solitary Thinker” does not fill me with the rage of a thousand of scorned music writers. In fact it’s quite good.

A song of two distinct parts; the first featuring vocals accompanied only by a violin and guitar, the violin filling in the gaps resulting in a sound much more dense than its three parts would imply. While the first half is certainly pretty, it’s the second more ‘unhinged’ finalé to the song that’s most enjoyable. Joining the strings are a bass and drum as rhythm section allowing the violinist pull off a solo that, instrument aside, has far more in common with the heavy metal than folk; given that it exhilarates as much as you’d expect.

By Vulture Hound

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