New Video: Allison Weiss – Making It Up

Allison Weiss- The baffling busker.  Is she trying everything she can to get noticed or is she truly just in it for the music? Whichever it is, she has a new track coming out, which can be heard at a series of “Pay-What-You-Want” gigs. Yes, she really only asks for donations… The Queen of money-saving music-making and internet promotion has written another ‘feel-good’ track to follow 2011 EP ‘I Was An Island’ (for which hardcopies were printed, handmade and shipped by Allison herself!)

‘Making it Up’ consists of lyrics of love-lost and heartbreak. Despite the lyrical content Weiss sticks to major keys, dropping to the minor for only parts of the chorus and middle-eight. A jazzy synth riff allows more musical complexity during an instrument break.

In usual Weiss style, a home-filmed video accompanies the track. There’s something endearing about his New-York based artist, a feeling of connection with her fans and an ability to make fame accessible for all. Allison’s easy-on-the-ear style is not for everyone. The music is often predictable, the lyrics charmingly naive, but never taxing to listen to. The new single is out January 29th and available to listen to on youtube, complete with flashcard style lyrics so you can sing along.

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