New Music: We Take Polaroids – Mawashi Geri

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Former Burn The Negative vocalist Mark Barker is up to something new these days — a solo career. His brand new project, We Take Polaroids, sounds like a mesh of goth and club music and is grungier than his previous work. Barker is currently putting together a live show, as well as preparing for the release of We Take Polaroids’ debut EP, You Are Brutal.

You Are Brutal is reminiscent of “The Matrix” soundtrack, as it has a similar energy and feel to it. The title track starts out with a strange mix of dirty beats and lyrics about a complicated love life: “Do what you want to do, be what you want to be. But don’t you want to be with me?”

Next up, “Loves Young Love” addresses love on a much brighter note and is more upbeat than the first track. “Mawashi Geri” then comes as a surprise, as it takes the EP in a completely different direction. Its use of melodic piano and lack of vocals gives it an ambient sound and sets it apart from the other tracks on the EP. You Are Brutal then goes full circle, ending with a remix of the title track by DJ Paulette & Benjamin Franklin. “You Are Brutal Remix” starts slow but then builds with each additional layer to give the remix a more voluminous sound than the original.

If you’re a fan of Burn The Negative — or of electronic music in general — you won’t want to miss this eclectic release. You Are Brutal hits stands Jan. 28.


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