The Vestals are clearly a band who have rejected the X Factor-culture pop-package pill. Without the sleek promo shots, the cool website and the dazzling music video, this band lets the music speak for itself. Maybe, as the band say themselves, a little mystery is a good thing.

‘Perfect Pain’ is one two tracks off their debut 7” single, released through Killing Moon Records. Reminiscent of nineties indie-pop, these are the vocals of the youth generation: pained; angst-ridden and heart-wrenching. This is guitar music at its most hopeful and uplifting, with its jingly-jangly melody and wide-eyed lyrics. Though simple enough to be catchy, the melody heralds a depth to it, with the harpy keyboard lending a Celtic lilt – maybe a reflection of the band’s South Walian roots?

With a UK tour coming up next month, The Vestals are already being hailed as new guitar music heroes, and ‘Perfect Pain’ could finally shine a spotlight onto the mystery.

‘Perfect Pain’ / ‘Seventeen’ is out on February 11th on Killing Moon Records.

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