New Music: Night Beds – Ramona

Night Beds, the brainchild of American Winston Yellen, has started 2013 as he ended 2012: by releasing a single to critical acclaim. Set for a breakthrough year in music Night Beds have all the credentials to be one of the biggest country acts around by the end of 2013.

Yet the single still hasn’t struck a chord with me. Without a doubt terrifically written and featuring an excellent country melody hiding beneath Yellen’s hauntingly high vocals but I found it a little mismatched. After an initial slow start it races into a catchy opening verse before suddenly jolting and slowing down. Though it does kick-start again I felt by this stage it had lost momentum, and a little bit of emotion. Many will disagree, and many already have which is why Night Beds were recently New Band of the Day in The Guardian. However you find ‘Ramona’, the release of ‘Country Sleep’ (his debut album) at the start of February is certain to garner a degree of hype and perhaps deservedly so.

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