For the past year Kate Nash has worked hard to change the way young women are represented in the music world. In a bid to encourage young girls to use music as a way to express themselves she started up a successful project called ‘After School Music Club’, gathering girls of all different ages, shapes, sizes and races to take part. She also unveiled her new musical direction with the release of ‘Death Proof’ EP inspired by her love of feminism and the riot girl movement. Now after all that she is back with the release of another fantastic track from her new album ‘Girl Talk’ which aims to present what it is like to be a women in modern day society.

Since 2007 I have been a loyal fan of Kate Nash after randomly stumbling upon ‘Caroline’s a victim’ and so was very excited to hear that she was releasing a new single. As always I was not disappointed, the track named ‘3am’ oozes with plenty of that familiar Kate Nash attitude and emotion. The songs lyrics are incredibly relatable representing that desperate moment late at night when you are feeling lonely and decide it’s a good idea to contact the ex who treated you badly. Kate mixes her unique singing like she’s talking vocal style and beautiful chorus harmonies against punchy bass guitar hooks and a steady drum beat which altogether creates that awesome girl band feel. Just think a mash up of The Supremes and The Runaways with a little bit of Regina Spektor added in for good measure.

Kate Nash certainly has taken her fans on a brilliant musical journey over the last 6 years showing how certain issues and moments in time can help to shape an artists musical direction. Just like the ‘Death proof’ EP ‘3am’ is another brilliant example of how Kate has grown as a person and as a result how her music has developed.

So be sure to have a listen on the link below to ‘3AM’ which is out February 18th and grab yourself a copy of Kate Nash’s third album ‘Girl Talk’ out March 4th.